Network Cloud

DriveNets’ software-based Network Cloud is the world’s first true cloud-native disaggregated router. 

Built to deliver unprecedented scale and operational efficiency, Network Cloud disrupts traditional networks’ economic model by running over low-cost white-boxes while ensuring carrier-grade reliability. The Network Cloud software provides a rich routing stack, data-path control, central management capabilities, and interfaces to 3rd party tools through standard northbound interfaces.

DriveNets’ Network Cloud solution comprises DriveNets Network Operating System - DNOS - and DriveNets Network Orchestrator - DNOR. DNOS is the magic that transforms lifeless boxes into live network elements and scales from supporting a single standalone white-box to supporting hundreds of white-boxes. It creates large routing nodes that are automatically installed and provisioned, founding a true cloud environment in the Service Provider's network. DNOR is the Network Cloud management system that automates lifecycle management at the entire network and per-site levels with minimal user intervention. DNOR features zero-touch provisioning, network automation, fault, performance, service and configuration management. It significantly simplifies network operations, improves reliability and can interoperate with existing systems already used by Service Providers.

Network Cloud

Network Cloud Services

Network Cloud’s unique architecture model is built with containerized micro-services allowing it to run multiple network services mapped to multiple virtual routers on a single network element. The software architecture enables a rapid addition of network services to address emerging network needs and business applications.

Network Services include:

Core services - line rate Forwarding, Bandwidth reservation, Quality of Service and fast recovery

Aggregation services - large port scale, Quality of Service, as well as control plan scale

Provider Edge services:

  •   - Provider Edge Peering - BGP at large scale, Netflow, QoS, variety of security functions and telemetry tools
  •   - Provider Edge L3 VPN - multi-tier L3 VPN services with strict SLA, Inter AS functions, Multicast VPN services
  •   - Provider Edge L2 VPN - low latency L2 services, point to point, point to multi point, with optional timing transparency (1588v2)
  •   - Provider Edge MIS - internet services with strict SLA, hierarchical QoS, security services, traffic telemetry

Cell Site Gateway - a single NOS for all mobile networking needs (such as clock synchronization) together with industry standard routing protocols and MPLS support

Data Center services - connecting tens of thousands of servers with no need for leaf and spine CLOS architecture under the same management, and single protocols end-point, supporting EVPN, QoS, ACL

Infrastructure made for extreme growth

Webscale agility and scalability

Telco-grade performance and resiliency

Life-cycle automation

Network-level virtualization

Services scale-up and automation

Network Cloud Scale

Expanding the capacity beyond the chassis limits is one of the greatest challenges of monolithic routers and modular chassis. Traditional systems require a forklift replacement when the chassis reaches its limitation or pre-provisioning of rack space much beyond the short-term need, driving an increase in capital and operational expenses as well as complex upgrade process. DriveNets’ Network Cloud solution promotes a gradual growth of a single 2U-box at a time, up to 7680 ports per single router entity, which is one Network Cloud cluster, effectively growing linearly from 4 Tb to 768 Tb with no forklift and smooth upgrade.

Today’s Network Cloud technology is solving tomorrow’s network and service scaling challenges.

Network Cloud Scale

DNOS - DriveNets Network Operating System

Combining cloud and virtualization technologies, DriveNets network operating system - DNOS - is scalable, resilient, and quick to deploy. Its unique architecture builds on containerized microservices, which scale by adding multiple microservices to the same logical network element with no performance degradation or down-time.

The same approach is applied to high-availability, where each microservice is, by default, backed up by another. In addition, a microservice’s recovery is quick and seamless compared to any other virtualization method existing today.

DNOS can run on bare metal, inside a VM, or in any other environment that supports containers. This means that implementing DNOS is as easy as deploying the container.

DNOS - DriveNets Network Operating System

DNOR - DriveNets Network Orchestrator

To maximize the cloud advantages, meet DNOR - DriveNets network orchestration system - a comprehensive management suite for planning, operating and troubleshooting the Network Cloud. DNOR delivers a unique automation toolset to orchestrate next-generation hyper-scalable networks in a simple and user-friendly manner.

DNOR services include Zero Touch Provisioning for hands-off Network Cloud deployment, configuration provisioning, and full life cycle management operations. DNOR provides Network Cloud inventory and topology views for an in-depth visibility of the Network Cloud building blocks. Its service assurance capabilities enable the detection and correction of problems in an automated fashion contributing to reductions in OpEx. The cloud-native microservice-based architecture enables support for any Network Cloud scale. DNOR’s northbound APIs allow easy integration with third party orchestration systems, OSS/BSS, and Inventory.


DNOR - DriveNets Network Orchestrator