System Architect

  • R&D and Product
  • Israel


DRIVENETS is looking for an experienced System Architect to join our Architecture team. 


·       Leading system and architecture specifications for a network operating system of a hyperscale router,

·       Main focus on management and telemetry protocols.

·       Continues and constant customer engagement at the requirements, product and design levels.

·       Working as part of a very skillful and technical team in charge of all system, software, algorithms and protocols design.


·       BSc in Computer Sciense / Electrical Engineering

·       4-5 years of expericance in software development

·       2-3 years of experience in Systems Enigneering

·       Knowledge in micro-service based architectures and orchestration systems

·       Knowlegde in integrating with network and infrastructure orechestration and management systems

·       Previous work in the networking field